The revolution in the latest Claas forage harvesters and combines is available only with us

This time, we have great information for all customers who have Claas agricultural machinery with a new Mercedes engine. We are able to effectively increase the power, deactivate the SCR, DPF and EGR system in all combines and forage harvesters.

Our solution allows you to completely disconnect the plug from the EGR valve, sensors from diesel particulate filter DPF, NOx sensor, SCR pump and urea level indicator. After reprogramming the motor controller there will be no messages related to the SCR, DPF or EGR system and emergency modes with less power. Your harvester or chopper will work with full power!

In addition, you will save on the urea itself, which you will not have to add any more.

The entire service is performed non-invasively, through the diagnostic connector. It is always possible to restore the functionality of the system.

Supported Claas models with a Mercedes engine:

  • LEXION series (780/780 TERRA TRAC, 770/770 TERRA TRAC, 750/750 TERRA TRAC / 750 MONTANA, 740, 670/670 TERRA TRAC / 670 MO, 660/660 TERRA TRAC, 650, 630/630 MO, 620) - all models,
  • TUCANO series (570, 560, 450, 440, 430, 420, 340, 320) - all models,
  • JAGUAR series (960, 950, 940, 930, 870, 860, 850, 840) - all models.