Kioti Tractors - deactivation of DPF and EGR is no longer a problem!

We do not stand still, we are constantly expanding our offer. We invite you to take advantage of our new service - excluding DPF and EGR in Kioti tractors.

Kioti - wyłączenie DPF i EGR

The whole service consists of reprogramming the engine control unit in such a way that the diesel particulate filter will not be burn anymore. We guarantee no display messages and no power limitations. The tractor will work as if this filter never had one.

The service involves the mechanical removal of the filter from the exhaust system or the use of a passage pipe specially prepared for the tractor model.


Kioti - rura zastępcza do filtra DPF

If you have a problem with the EGR exhaust recirculation valve, it is also not a problem for us to completely turn it off.

An exemplary implementation made by our company is available tutaj.


Supported models:

  • tractor Kioti DK 4510,
  • tractor KIOTI EX50CCR,
  • tractor KIOTI EX50CH,
  • tractor Kioti RX6020C,
  • tractor Kioti RX7320C.