Disabling DPF

We offer you a comprehensive deactivation of DPF solid particles filter in tractors by entering changes to the ECU main computer program, including the physical removal of the filter structure from the exhaust system. 



If your tractor:

  • lost power and drives in emergency mode,
    • has an increased combustion,
      • has a constantly appearing solid particles filter error after regeneration, firing or cleaning
        • shows a dangerously rising oil leve,
          • has lights than no one can switch off,
            • already has another filter that is “clogged”,

you can bring the tractor to us.


Disabling/deactivating DPF, unlike regeneration, firing or cleaning, is a one-time operation that solves the solid particles filter problem once and for all.

Removing DPF does not only mean a solution to the above problems but also benefits that you do not know.

In some countries, our service may require approval of newly obtained engine parameters by the relevant country's roadworthiness authority. Therefore, its implementation may be illegal and unlawful.

Before using our offer, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the applicable legal regulations and approval requirements for a given country (region) regarding the admission of a vehicle to road traffic. Full legal responsibility for the service performed rests with the person ordering it and the owner of the given machine.

Most of all, your tractor:

  • not only will it regain power, but it can also gain even a few more hp,
    • will begin to burn less (lack of fuel consuming filter regeneration processes).


Our company is able to disable/deactivate the solid particles filter on most tractors available on the market.
We reach customers from Poland and Eastern Europe.


If you have questions, please contact us through the contact form.


An example of a modification on a Kubota M11GX tractor that has been conducted completely at the customer’s site: