Increasing power

Agrotronic offers you a power-up service in every farm tractor equipped with an engine computer.

Increased power is a guarantee?


We have cooperated with foreign companies specializing in software optimization for farm tractors for over a dozen years. We guarantee you solutions tested on many tractors. Each farm machine requires an individual approach, computer diagnostics and PTO dynamometer tests to ensure reliable operation and durability.


How does it look?

The increase in power in agricultural tractors consists of:
  • computer diagnostics - initial assessment of engine efficiency,
    • measurements on the Sigma-60 PTO dynamometer to determine the actual parameters of the tractor,
      • reading the program from the computer controlling the engine through the diagnostic connector,
        • re-measurement on the PTO dynamometer to check the results
          • entering the modified program to the engine control unit,
            • changing the selected program parameters,

In some countries, our service may require approval of newly obtained engine parameters by the relevant country's roadworthiness authority. Therefore, its implementation may be illegal and unlawful.

Before using our offer, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the applicable legal regulations and approval requirements for a given country (region) regarding the admission of a vehicle to road traffic. Full legal responsibility for the service performed rests with the person ordering it and the owner of the given machine.


JCB Fastrac 7200 6.7 L Cummins CR 190 HP year 2010 - chiptuning (power boost) - 232 HP



For each service we provide a 24 months warranty. The customer receives a graph from the dynamometer on which we can see the comparison: the original parameters of the tractor and the result after power increase.
We provide the service on the spot at the customer's place where we arrive with a specially equipped car and the PTO Eggers PT301 dynamometer.


How does it look in our company?
 We invite you to watch a program about our company created by NAREW Television:

Agrotronic - professional power increase of tractors